ECA Cup Valstagna - 16-17th June 2018

Max entries: 300. Entry will close on June 5th

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Contact informations

Responsible person: Luca Costa


Mobile Phone: +39 366 66 08 998

Other referent: Matteo Pontarollo

Mobile Phone: +39 366 66 08 995

Camping-area referent: Enrico Gheno

Mobile Phone: +39 340 35 01 886


Canoa Club Valstagna
Via Monsignor Dalla Zuanna, 6
36020 Valstagna (VI)

Where to stay

Fata verde B&B (3km from the course)
Calieroni Inn (1km from the course)
Villa delle feste B&B (3km from the course)
Casa sul fiume B&B
Al Mondo pizza-restaurant